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April 2022
Made this video for the song “They All Change” by the super talented NOVA.
July 2018
Past is boring... And excited to share the latest Iloyd track which is pretty different than my recent work! Very electronic, upbeat and energetic.
Also all "iloyd" music catalogue is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and all other stores in high quality remastered versions!
October 2017
Here is one last happy song, but somewhat sad happy, where I say goodbye to happy iloyd songs since I plan to focus more on experimental stuff for a while.
July 2017
Hey! I just released a new EP!
March 2016
Enjoy album "Under Age" on Spotify with a bonus track Sea Whistle.
December 2013
A vocal experiment from early 2013.
September 2013
Here is a video I shoot and edited for Bibio's "But I Wanted You"
August 2013
A new underage track! Just updated with added layer of acoustic drums.
Fabruary 2013
An ambient piece of music based on 'Got an Idea':
December 2012
And here is the music video for Got An Idea, to those who find a reason up in space.
December 2012
Finally a new piece of music! Practicing starting and finishing tracks again :)
June 2012
Two minute life of a cloud on Los Angeles sky:
Life of a cloud
May 2012
I Bike LA short film by Yanaina Gutierrez featuring Plastic Bird (which wins the Music Video award in Hollywood Vine Film Festival 2012:
December 2011
A humble electronic cover of Bibio's More Excuses by Iloyd:
May 2011
Little piece of new music... An experiment on pumping up and pushing down. Sounds like a happy BoC to me. :)
March 2011
Check out the "Bob Moog Tribute Library" from Spectrasonics that I contribute along with many top artists including Vince Clarke, Jean Michel Jarre, Hans Zimmer, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and others:

700 Inspiring Sounds - 45 Amazing Artists - One Great Cause
July 2010
Music Video: Iloyd's cover of Peter Gabriel's Mercy Street resonating abstract reflections on water.
July 2010
An interesting upbeat cover of Peter Gabriel's Mercy Street, featuring vocoded vocals.
June 2010
As Wall-E has been seen around HQ. Check here
Wall-E Wall-E Wall-E
May 2010
March 2010
A product demo for Spectrasonics Trilian, which I work on as sound and visual media designer:
Alarm Call
© 2010 iloyd / Spectrasonics
March 2008
Second track from the "Scratch Book" project. A minimal nostalgic little tune.
Accent Of My Heart
© 2008 Iloyd
March 2008
A new track from Iloyd with vintagey sounds and some strings arrangement.
© 2008 Iloyd
May 2007
Having fun with the scanner and then some. Check here
Ode To Viewmaster The Director The Boat Jump
October 2006
Watch the Animal Planet Special: "Cheetah Race Against Time" featuring "Dream Machine" by Iloyd
Animal Planet
April 2006
Some fun photos of the Solar Eclipse from Istanbul at whatIveseentoday pages!
December 2005
New album Desert Green released.
Desert Green
March 2005
New song after a long break! Note that it might sound annoyingly happy! ;)
Kickin Kids
© Iloyd 2005
March 2005
Watch the short movie featuring Onur, Özgür and me! Terror On The Island directed by Diren :)
Terror On The Island
May 2004
Subtractive soft synth designed by Tolga G.: ILOSYNTH 1
March 2004
Two new tracks. "Sleep" is a soothing yet upbeat electronic lullaby including vocoded vocals. "Harp" is a little tune with some... erm, Harp.
© 2004 Iloyd
© 2004 Iloyd
September 2002
New song with little bit of vocals from Iloyd:
Your Hand My Hand
© 2002 Iloyd
August 2002
A clean and gentle version of All Is Full Of Love with alternative bass, strings and choir arrangement. Check here for more Bjork remixes.
© 2002 Iloyd
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