IloSynth is a genuine sounding small virtual analog softsynth in VST format.

Download iloSynth-1 v1.6 (~1mb)

A couple nice patch libraries for iloSynth: Ann Bank1 by Nolwenn and AAG by Andrej A. Golob

What's new in 1.6:

- Added Chorus FX
- Added a few more presets

What's new in 1.5:

- New GUI design
- New TEMPO SYNC DELAY with with stereo depth control
- Pitch ENV is now universal with seperate depth control for OSC1 and OSC2.
- LFO's now have real tempo sync mode. (tempo read from host)
- Filter 1 Lowpass mode is changed from 12db to 24db.
- There is small AMP DECAY knobs for OSC 2 and NOISE to control their decay before main AMP ENVELOPE stage.
- New ON/OFF switch for Filter 2.

- ilo-Synth is now 5 notes polyphonic.

What's new in 1.1:

- Osc Sync option in OSC1 for Hard Lead and 'Laser Harp' type sounds.
- Resolved 'left channel only' problem in SONAR.


- 4 Polyphonic with Mono and Legato modes.
- 2 Oscilators + Noise. OSC1 has exclusive pitch envelope.
- Serial Filter1 and Filter2: Filter1 has 2pole LP, BP, HP, Notch modes; Filter2 is fixed at 4pole Moog mode.
- Independent Envelopes for Pitch, Filter and Amp. Filter Envelope Depth can be controlled by Midi Velocity.
- LFOs are Syncable to internal tempo given in Tempo Slider. (LFOs are in 'retrigger' mode when synced.)
- LFO2 Rate can be modulated by Pitch Envelope.
- Ring modulation and FM.

A very nice iloSynth user demo by Telurica using factory presets, Ann Bank and AAG libraries:

Under Age
Feel free to enjoy some iLoyd music! Underage is mostly a collection of upbeat tracks that's been recorded since 2012. But not all the tracks are cheerful. "Got An Idea" and "Ideas (Closure)" are pretty deep ambient tracks and "Acquaintance" comes with a touch of jazz. More free iLoyd music available under Music pages.

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